Since 1961, Apranje Jewellers has been winning hearts through their personalised  approach to a range of exquisite diamond and gold jewellery. Uniquely-designed and passionately crafted, each creation reflects great attention to detail. Timeless classics to modern designs, you have it all

“The perfect piece for every occasion “

Diamond Necklace

Diamond jewellery is Apranje’s speciality and the offerings range from classics to contemporary with each piece carefully crafted to perfection.

Cocktail Ring

Vibrancy that echoes through nearly stellar brightness, the cocktail ring features round and pear shaped diamonds.

Royal Bracelet

Traditional indulgence fused from an exceptional range of uncut diamonds makes for a classic piece.

Kumkum box

A finely crafted collectible that radiates an aura of divinity.

Diamond Choker

Abiding beauty for a dramitic and bold statement.

Diamond Earrings

Oval studs featuring a halo of diamonds set in white gold